About BFP

Thinking about becoming a parent or adding to your family?

Whether you're single, a same sex couple or even married with fertility challenges, there is now an app that connects recipients with sperm donors.  Sperm banks are very expensive and less likely to be successful compared to fresh sperm. 

The solution is here!

Introducing Big Fat Positive! Not only can you find a proven reliable sperm donor but you can share your experience with other recipients and support each other through this emotional journey. 

Connect on the message board and make post about what you're looking for.

The member can use our swipe feature to find the perfect match.

Browse profiles of each recipient or donor and engage in a one-on-one chat to make an informed decision.

Big Fat Positive educates you with loads of information on being successful and allows you to share the experience with other members supporting each other along the way.

Download the app now and make your dream come true!